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This Week I am grateful for Trust

This week is all about awakening our TRUST – Trust in ourselves, our path and our abilities to make (or let) this thing called life roll in a direction that is for our highest good… Trust that also all obstacles and pain are there to teach us something, make us stronger and help us grow.


Now, it takes courage to trust and often a leap of faith in the first place. But I tell you it’s so worth the risk, as the courage will be multiplied once you’ve let yourself fully into this feeling (and action) of trust – getting us out of the head space of indecision, confusion, anxiety, sadness…


I have made TRUST my word to live by in 2018 and it has brought so much goodness into my life already. Now that this year has already moved past its peak, I feel it’s the perfect time to tell you all about it!

So with that trust, I have also written a more in-depth personal BLOG POST for you! 



But here, let’s focus on your actions that strengthen your trust in yourself and your life.

I honour my emotions and needs.

I listen to my inner knowing and don’t let it be overwritten by external opinions.

I am aware that my fear is often the mind in overdrive and can often be calmed.

I show compassion towards myself and my journey.

I slow down and tune into my heart’s wisdom.

I allow myself to feel all emotions by trusting my strength to handle them.

I know my boundaries.

I accept things that I cannot change.

I am grateful that:

Trust gives me confidence.

It makes me feel supported and safe.

Trust gives me calm and balance to make informed decisions.

It teaches me acceptance of the things I cannot change.

It gives me all the strength and belief in myself, my life and my abilities.

Trust has such a gentle strength.

Trust gives me courage to overcome my fears.

Trust opens my heart.

I am grateful for the trust in myself and my life.


How has trust in yourself influenced your life? I’d love to hear from you.

“A tree says: My strength is trust. Out of this trust I live.”

Hermann Hesse



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