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This Week I am grateful for (my) Shadow

What a summer! … Can I please be one of those people who moan about the heat and say they’re grateful for any shadow they can get? Would that be really ungrateful towards the sun… damn!

To be really honest – I have been super low and tired, whilst secretly beating myself about not embracing the hot weather ‘like one should’… perhaps. In fact, I’ve had a totally different newsletter planned – about Newness, fresh eyes etc… but all I feel is brain fog and hot feet.

But I am also sensing that there are a few of us feeling like this and I hope it resonates somehow for us all to feel understood and connected. I also want to always be honest and real with you.

So, I have decided to embrace my shadows, too! Will you?



Or in the words of Carl G. Jung:
Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.



Now it’s easy to be grateful for the light (unless it comes at 45 degrees Celsius, duh) but how can we appreciate the shadows?


They are certainly always there to teach us something. Unless we learn from them, they will stay where they are.

They therefore are a chance for healing, for really digging deeper into old wounds, inner hurt – suppressing our shadows will just keep/make us ill.

They tend to creep up, when we’re not looking after ourselves properly, i.e. I know the hot weather has stopped me from moving enough, which absolutely impacts my mental health. But it was my non-action / choice to let that happen. Now it’s a struggle to kick my a** again, but I’ve learned I will do it.

Please know, shadows are ok! You are ok! And it is also ok to not feel ok! Everything has its time. Please don’t be harsh with yourself for feeling the way you feel (I’m still learning that one, too)…

They make us appreciate the light (yeah, I love looking at the sun from my dark office today…)! If we didn’t know the shadows, the light would be a normal state, hence we’d be so used to it without any gratitude for it. Just think of physical pain slowly disappearing – Oh how wonderful this pain-free state is!! But so easily taken for granted if there hasn’t been any pain.

They tell us to slow down and check in on us, when life tends to roll too fast.

They bring us awareness and by consciously working with them, we gain self love and compassion for the whole of us.

Because yes – They make us whole. We are light and shadow. Yin and Yang. There are of course shadows that I want to heal in order to get to a balance of light and shadow. I truly do believe in this balance of all.


If you do feel you have been in the shadows for too long, it’s ok to seek help, to talk, to find support to bring you back into balance. And please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”
– Carl G. Jung



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The illustration is by graphic artist Jean Jullien and is also featured in our ‘This Grateful Now Journal’.


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