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This Week I am grateful for my Sense of Smell

Hello dear gratitüdler! To get us rolling, this is the first of my new weekly affirmations for your gratitude practice. I know that I really need a little inspiration or kick sometimes, so I hope this will give you some ideas or focus, too. I will send out an e-newsletter every Tuesday as well. You can simply scroll down to sign up.


This week, bring your awareness to this natural, probably often taken-for-granted gift – your SENSE OF SMELL! It can be seen as such simple thing, but WOW, isn’t it incredible?!


You can walk this planet and take in all the amazing scents – flowers, fields, summer rain, coffee, cinnamon, freshly baked bread, the skin of a lover, the sea……

And even if you smell something not so nice… you can find gratitude that this allows you to smell potential danger such as air pollution or toxins… to then leave a situation and save your health.

Go through your day and really consciously take in the scents; breathe in deeply (or not so much) and feel the gratitude for this amazing gift – to smell life!


I’d really love to hear how you get on with this practice! Why not send me an email here if you’d like to share your experience?


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