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This Week I am heiter (cheerful) and grateful for the little Things

Inspired by the interview with Katharina of heiter magazine, let’s find gratitude again for all the little things in our lives…

Let’s wake up with fresh eyes and an open heart to really take in the abundance of good stuff present in our lives. There is so much we see (or don’t see) every day and simply take it for granted. It’s just a natural human response to make life easier and quicker I suppose, but it takes away a lot of joy, too.

Why not try and bring a feeling of newness to it? Imagine having this cup of coffee or tea for the very first time (or the last time?). Really become aware of the flavour, the warmth, the way it wakes you up or calms you down. Imagine taking your very first breath, how the air fills your lungs, how your life becomes possible. There are endless things you can explore with gratitude!

Do you remember how a day seemed almost endless when you were a child? That was because your brain had to process so many new things. Do you also feel that a week’s holiday seems much longer than a normal working week? That’s because your brain has so much new input – new city, landscape, food, weather, activities….

Imagine bringing this newness back to your everyday life – seeing all the little things again through the fresh eyes of gratitude and Heiterkeit… maybe time will even go a bit slower 🙂

“Little things make big days.”

Monika Forsberg, Illustrator featured in the ‘This Grateful Now’ Journal


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