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This Week I am grateful for my Heart

Inspired by my interview with Brighitta – and the ‘Grateful Heart Meditation’ she so kindly created for us – let’s connect more deeply to our heart. Feel how it’s beating loyally, 24/7 to keep you alive, to keep you enjoying this beautiful life! Doesn’t it feel great to give it your thanks?


With practicing gratitude, we can give back to our heart.

Studies show that when people cultivate positive feelings, the heart’s frequency changes and its waves become smoother and more consistent, while anxiety or stress cause waves to be shorter and less organised.

“When we experience heartfelt emotions such as gratitude, the heart produces a very different rhythm — one that has a smooth pattern and looks something like gently rolling hills.”
HeartMath Institute (full essay in our This Grateful Now Journal)

According to scientific research, this smooth rhythm (heart coherence) is healing in itself, good for cardiovascular health and reduces emotional stress. Though most positive feelings were capable of affecting the heart in this way, researchers noted that gratitude changed the heart’s rhythm more easily and faster than any of the others.


So ALL feelings of gratitude are welcomed, but I simply love sending my thanks to my heart. With deep breaths I imagine filling my heart area with gratitude and love. It brings me such calm and balance. Why not give it a try, too?

This week, spend time connecting with your heart – enjoy the moments when it beats peacefully, when you can feel it exercising, how it guides your inner knowing, how it loves and how it selflessly supports you!

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles”


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