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On celebrating Soul Connections on World Gratitude Day


W I T H    A    G I V E A W A Y  !

Starting ‘This Grateful Now’ has continuously blessed me with making deep connections with people that are just ‘on my wave length’. I find it incredible that the age of internet (with all the downsides it has) gives us the chance to so easily connect world-wide and can bring us together with our soul people and tribe.

With World Gratitude Day nearing on September 21st – I’d love us all to really celebrate and reflect on the amazing things and people we have in our lives – connecting us in this great energy of gratitude.

Gratitude really is – with love and compassion – one of the strongest energies out there. I truly believe it connects us all somewhere in the universe as one energy bringing wellbeing and healing.

Have you heard of ‘morphogenetic fields’?
It’s a term by Rupert Sheldrake, which basically describes a shared consciousness, a shared field of information. One example in biology – ever wondered how huge flocks of birds can navigate so fluently and organically without crashing? This must be more of an energetic connection instead of just ‘flying by eye’.

There is also the Maharishi Effect, which is the the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness. Studies show that if as little as 1% of let’s say a town practices meditation simultaneously, the level of crime rates go down, less accidents happen – indicating increasing order and harmony. This also is based on a ‘field energy‘. The results on a global scale see a decrease in crime, accidents and sickness — and an increase in positive social, economic and political trends.

If we all joined in consciously, we could literally heal this world! And I absolutely want to be a part of it. Baby steps here… I believe strongly we can connect – and I’d love it to be the healing vibes of gratitude, kindness, love and compassion. Will you join me?


So… Shall we feed this energetic field of gratitude? A few ideas for World Gratitude Day…

Meditate with a thankful heart

Organise a dinner with all the friends & family and tell each other what you’re grateful for

Send a Thank You Card to your loved ones

Hug your pet and tell them how much you love them (don’t we do that every day anyway?)

Call/visit your parents (not another day)

Send your gratitude through your whole body

Do a road trip into the mountains and shout out what you love about life

Tell the cashier at the supermarket that you really appreciate their friendliness and smile

Bring some cake to work

Every small act of gratitude and kindness will grow this healing, transforming energy on this planet.



As a little incentive, the wonderful Jasmin Harsono of Emerald x Tiger and I have come up with a special GIFT for one of you!

Jasmin is one of the beautiful souls I had the honour of connecting with via Instagram (and also in ‘real life’ now). She is a kind-hearted Reiki Master and I had the chance to join one of her Reiki sessions at Re:Mind Studio London. It was a peaceful relaxing experience with sound, scents, Reiki and guided meditation.

If you’re in London, do check out Jasmin’s upcoming events here.



For World Gratitude Day you can WIN A DISTANT REIKI SESSION with Jasmin and also one THIS GRATEFUL NOW JOURNAL from me.

We’d love to see your photos of things, people, situations or events that you are grateful for and that bring you great joy!

Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #fieldofgratitude. Jasmin and I will pick a winner on World Gratitude Day, Sept 21st, 2018. And it will be amazing for all of us to see the joy of others… and CONNECT.

If you don’t have Instagram, you can email me here with a picture or a sentence.



The practise of consciously breathing love into our mind, body and soul, guides us to a deeper place, a place that is home. Home is where everything and everyone is connected. Home is oneness. Through Reiki, universal energy, I have come to experience unity and it fills me with gratitude that I am never alone. #breathelove

Jasmin Harsono, Emerald x Tiger



With love and gratitude,




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