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This Week I am grateful be(for)e Sleep

“Just before bed, your mind is very receptive, so no matter what went wrong that day, find something that went right – open to it, and let good feelings come and ease you into sleep.”
Rick Hanson, Ph.D.


Practicing gratitude before bed time is proven to benefit our sleep! This makes total sense, doesn’t it? Feeling thankful for all the good things that the day has given us helps us feel content – and also less worried. With this gentle positive feeling, relaxation comes more easily. Instead of closing the day turning and turning with worries or to-dos, we lull our heart beat and nerves.

A study with over 400 adults (including 40% with sleeping problems) showed that gratitude predicted greater subjective sleep quality and sleep duration, and less sleep latency and daytime dysfunction.


In times of ‘You snooze you lose’, sleep has almost become uncool – sacrificed for work, entertainment and… ‘life’. But we forget that sleep makes life possible. How often do we hear people talk about how little sleep they had, almost proudly? Yet sleep is absolutely needed for the healing and replenishing of our body, mind and soul.

A good sleep helps lower stress levels, prevents high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, obesity, even cancer. It supports cardiac health, immune function, gives the brain and organs a much deserved rest; it soothes inflammation… and all in all we wake up a fresher and happier person.


Taking just 15 minutes to write down what we’re grateful for can calm us down from the day’s rush and set the vibe for a more peaceful sleep. Allow yourself to move from thinking to really feeling the gratitude… and let this soothing emotion flow calmingly through your body.

Why not place your TGN Gratitude Journal and a pen onto your bedside table? So when you go to bed it’s always there for precious moments of gratitude journaling or reading through its quotes and essays. The Journal is consciously going away from being a quick app – it is made for quality time to slow down and find peace within. With a personal ‘wind down routine’ (a soothing cup of tea, dimmed lights, phone switched off, the smell of i.e. lavender) a more peaceful sleep awaits.

And remember, it takes 21 days to form a habit (as valerian takes 3 weeks to work its potential, too), so please don’t lose hope on your journey of gratitude journaling for a better sleep!


Lots of love,



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