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This Week I am grateful for the changing Seasons

“Decline is also a form of voluptuousness, just like growth. Autumn is just as sensual as springtime. There is as much greatness in dying as in procreation.”
Iwan Goll

Hello, am I a few days late to welcome September? A new season unfolding… I’m not fully ready to say goodbye to summer yet, but I don’t have to as it’s a slow and beautiful transitional time. So I’m soaking up each warm ray of sun and smell of freshly cut grass… yet I’m also saying hello to rustling leaves and crisp mornings.

To ease myself into this transitional time, I went for a long walk yesterday with the intention to explore the merging of the two seasons – to say my thanks to the existing/leaving and welcome in the new. There’s no collision, it’s a fluent metamorphosis.


There’s a beautiful article on Creative Countryside by Laura of @smallestlight it’s about allowing ourselves to ease into autumn, with a few great tips how to do so.

What was super interesting was that she explains the ‘Five Elements Theory’ of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which actually incorporates 5 seasons – and this fifth season ‘Late Summer’ is right upon us until the equinox. Earth being the stabilising element during this time, it’s all about a slow transition.

Earth is a point of stillness in the cycle of seasons, with the lush tranquil energy of heat, ripening and fullness. After the time of blossoming, growing and celebrating summer’s delights, Earth can now support us to ground and balance us – to organise ourselves for the harvest and winter.


This slow transitional time is a gift.

Sometimes we don’t get the chance to ease into a new season (of life). Seasons can change with a snap of a finger. There will be storms to shake off the old, the decaying – and like nature, sometimes these harsh shakes can be a needed reminder for us to let go of the old and start something new… or to find the needed rest to recuperate.

Even these ‘seasonal shocks’ deserve our gratitude. They wake us up, they shake us and force us to make changes that we likely wouldn’t have done without them. We might not feel the gratitude immediately whilst we’re standing in that storm, but in hindsight, we know they happened for a reason.

Luckily of course, there are the changes of seasons from darkness to light – an awakening and blooming – which is equally certain. There’s always light coming back, we can trust in that.


Let’s find gratitude for past, present and future.

Reflect on summer’s abundance, write it all down in your TGN Journal. It has lots of free pages to capture all of your summer memories (or any other notebook of course!). These memories will be heartwarming to read through on colder days.

Be grateful for the present moment. What is, is really all there is. Be fully in this moment, find gratitude for what is right now – even in times of transition we can find a calm and stable place in the present moment.

Also embrace any coming changes with a grateful heart. With acceptance of what we can’t change comes a lightness and we can move from a state of passiveness to actively engaging in what we can change. We can celebrate like autumn – a feast of colours and life even in the presence of impending winter.


We need the seasons. We need the growth, the blooming, the harvesting, the light, the darkness, the celebration and the silence… As an endless summer would be a desert.


“Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature says, ‘Look how easy, how healthy, and how beautiful letting go can be.’ ” Toni Sorenson


With love and gratitude,



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