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Aromatherapy through beautiful Jewellery by Rock & Soul Essential

You might have seen it already that on my Instagram and with the hashtag #thisthankfulmoment, I will collaborate with 12 independent labels throughout the year 2018 to spread gratitude and (as a little incentive) have a give away at the end of each month. I am so pleased that this January has started with Rock and Soul – a heartful collaboration of the lovely ladies Betsy and Emily – creating unique Diffuser Jewellery and Essential Oil Blends to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your daily life.

In the month of January 2018, you can win a beautiful Lava Stone Friendship Bracelet plus an essential oil of your choice! Simply head over to my Instagram to find out more.

As part of this I had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy and Emily to find out more about Rock & Soul, lava stone jewelry and the benefits of aromatherapy.


Hi Emily, hi Betsy, please tell us a little bit about yourselves and your backgrounds.

Emily: I travelled to New Zealand in 2006 and stumbled upon this wonderful lavender farm… I remember writing to my Mum about it that evening telling her I felt like I’d found my soul’s dream job. (It is ironic that I am referred to as the Soul of Rock & Soul) Fast forward 2 years and I worked on a lavender farm in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. We handcrafted loads of gorgeous products for the body and home and it became the sensory playground that has lead me to fall in love with essential oils. One day I definitely hope to have an acre of lavender with a still in the shed… #lifegoals!

Betsy: Since childhood I’ve used crafting as a form of relaxation from my buzzing brain. After studying accountancy at Uni I spent my pre-kid days initially in retail and then working for various creative startups in London, one of them being a jewellery designer. Having kids was a real self-awareness awakening time for me, and has been a very messy journey 🙂 I’ve always been interested in exploring ways we can help nourish (and settle) our minds, but it wasn’t until last year that I got really interested in the role essential oils can play in helping us with our emotions.

How did you come up with Rock & Soul and what is the idea/purpose behind it?

Emily: I ran a collection of aromatherapy room sprays under the name Emily Jolie. It was my first step into creating something with essential oils as my own business venture. Betsy got in touch with me asking if i would be interested in creating some blends to complement her jewellery…. We mused life directions and visions over two bowls of carrot soup and the rest is history as they say. I think the ultimate goal of Rock & Soul is to create something that helps make people feel a bit better about life. There is something reassuring about the tangible nature of the beads and the healing nature of essential oils adds a little cherry on top.

Is it something you felt like you personally needed as well?

Emily: I have two small children (4 and 11months) and find the beads to be a really useful tool in helping me to stay calm and grounded…. I am sure there are many people who have seen me in the Tesco car park thinking “why is that woman always smelling her wrist?“ 😉 There was one evening when I had to drive my baby to hospital with a dangerously high fever and whilst I would normally rocket launch into flight mode, I found that a couple of drops of Higher Ground really helped me to stay grounded…  I have referred to the beads as an anti anxiety amulet and feel like they can provide that comfort when you need it… I also like the action of smelling the essential oils as it encourages you to take a deep breath which is always good…

Betsy: Completely. One benefit of my buzzing brain is that I’m always looking for new ways I can help stay on top of my anxieties. Although I’d used essential oils in my medicine cabinet, for things like cuts and burns, I’d never really explored their aromatherapy benefits. They have proved to be a really amazing tool in my well-being assemblage!

I really love the idea of infusing jewellery with a scent that can help you feel uplifted, calmer, energised etc. Please tell us a little bit about the characteristics of aromatherapy and lava stones. How did you come up with this union?

Betsy: I always struggle keeping things simple 🙂 Once I discovered how valuable essential oils could be with helping your emotions, I couldn’t resist finding out how other people used them in their day to day lives. It’s fascinating!! There are SO many different ways you can use these magical potions. One way that kept coming up was using them on lava-stone jewellery, as the porous nature of these stones helps keep the oils around you for longer. So my crafting habit, combined with my previous work in London, led me to want to have a go at making my own.

20% of your jewellery sales go to the charity MIND. What is it they do?

MIND is one of the largest mental health charities here in the UK. They provide advice and support to empower anyone who is experiencing a mental health problem, and are also working really hard to raise mental health awareness. We are really grateful for the amazing support they provide and are really happy to help raise money for their awesome work, and the service they provide to the community.

What are your plans for Rock & Soul in 2018?

To keep on creating! We are both creative spirits and feel really blessed to ‘work’ in an area that stimulates so many of our creative channels… We will be creating more essential oil blends, some new jewellery lines and have ideas for a baby mobile that will gently diffuse essential oils…

I am so pleased to have you on board of #thisthankfulmoment and I think we have a very similar desire to bring calm, mental wellbeing and peace into this world. I love the idea of wearing my bracelet with a calming scent whilst writing into my Gratitude Attitude Journal – what a perfect combination <3

Which scent would you recommend during a gratitude session? 🙂

I’m not sure we have created the perfect blend for a gratitude session (just yet) but I would probably use Higher Ground as the Frankincense creates a lovely peaceful, grounding atmosphere which is very conducive to creating a quiet and thoughtful atmosphere.

Do you have a gratitude practice, too? And if yes, what effect does it have on you and your lives?

Juggling my small kids and the general madness of daily life I haven’t got a set practice but I would very much like to do that. My baby’s cot is still in our room but we are planning on moving him into his own room this weekend and my vision is to fill the empty space with a mini altar that I will fill with inspirational bits and bobs, a gratitude practice will be the perfect add on… Whenever I get overwhelmed or stressed I make myself think, see or feel something to be grateful for, it always helps bring me back down to earth.

Betsy: I’d say I’m getting there 🙂 I’ve ‘dabbled’ in gratitude journaling over the years, but #thisthankfuladvent really brought home how important it is for me to pause and record these moments on a more regular basis. I was not very self aware as a child at all, and I think that having a gratitude practice may have helped me learn to challenge the stories I believed about myself, and what I felt was important. It’s a life skill I’d like to pass onto my children, to help them understand and appreciate themselves, and the world they live in, a little more.

Thank you so so much for taking the time to answer my questions and letting us into the idea and purpose of Rock & Soul. 

Thank you so much for supporting us and for all your encouragements and kind words towards our new venture. We really love the work that you are doing too and feel like it is such a great compliment to Rock & Soul.


Visit Rock & Soul’s Instagram and Etsy Shop.


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