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All That Is: An Interview with Reiki Master and Artist Brighitta Moser-Clark

This spring, I had the chance to do my Reiki 1 course with Brighitta Moser-Clark and her co-teacher Justine Nolan in London. These two wonderful Reiki masters created an atmosphere full of love, learning and good vibes – 25 of us were simply wrapped up warmly in Reiki energy for two days (and ongoing-ly).

Here you will find out more about Brighitta, her work with Reiki and how we – through creating peace in ourselves – can actually help the collective healing of the world. To support this, Brighitta has created a wonderful ‘Grateful Heart Meditation’ especially for you.



Hi Brighitta, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. It’s such a pleasure! Please tell us a bit more about yourself and your work with Reiki. 

I am a Reiki Practitioner + Teacher, as well as a writer, artist, and intuitive. Reiki has been a loving force in my life for the last fourteen years and it makes my heart happy to share it with others. It feels like pure magic to be able to connect to something so beautiful and call it my work.

I co-teach Reiki in London with my dear friend, Justine Nolan, and I offer monthly gatherings for reiki shares and intuitive development to nurture community. I believe our spiritual tribe is an integral aspect to our wellbeing and I really enjoy creating space for those relationships to be fostered.

I also see clients for one-to-one sessions that weave healing energy therapies (Reiki + sound from alchemy crystal singing bowls + intuitive guidance). I aim to bridge the physical world to the spiritual as a way of creating a portal home to our true selves. I really wish to empower others so they can have tools to heal themselves as well as to awaken to all of the support available to them in the spiritual realm. We just have so much we can tap into! It’s truly an abundant, friendly Universe.

My background is fine art photography. I studied at Camberwell College of Arts and wanted to be an artist but ended up assisting commercial and editorial photographers which never felt quite right. My son’s birth was a real spark for me to align my life, and to finally listen for what was calling me. When he was two months old, I meditated and asked myself what my soul wanted to do. I saw myself giving Reiki treatments and that was that. It felt so right and yet it did surprise me at the time! The following year I completed my Master/Teacher Certification and started my Reiki Practice. I love it so much.


What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is often translated to “Universal Life Force Energy” but that’s only part of the story. Reiki is the energy of the entire Universe, the energy of the seen and unseen – it’s the energy that animates all of life and to which all of life returns. It is pure connection, the cosmic web. Rather than being something we are pulling in from far away in the cosmos, it’s actually the energy of our True Selves. It’s the aspect of us that is pure light. It’s the energy of our spirit – the part of us that contains the whole Universe and eternally remains connected to All That Is.

Reiki is what we call the energy as well as the natural healing modality developed by Mikao Usui, the Japanese Buddhist man who received the first attunement through his enlightenment and pure connection to the light. I believe Reiki is pure Source energy – it is the love of the Universe, available to us all. By connecting to our true nature, we feel whole and healthy.


You are also an artist and as you say your work reflects what you see and feel during your meditations… all pieces are very spiritual. You state ‘The work is complete when it becomes a meditation in itself’. That is such a poetic and also compassionate approach to the creation of it – to share the stillness, your connection with universe with others. As you do in Reiki… It seems you have truly connected all aspects in your creations.

That is such a kind thing to say! I always found a certain tension in my work, because photography is historically about documentation, truth-telling from a record-keeping objective. Of course it’s far from that now! I use image-manipulation as a way to reveal what lies beneath the surface – the reality of things as I understand them to be.

My work really wasn’t always connected though – I went through a long journey with it as so many of the artists I knew were coming from a more atheist perspective. I always struggled with the dialogue of how to bring spirit into my images. It took me a long time to make peace with not making work that the people around me would understand and just making artwork because it was a way to express something from deep within – just for me. Before my father passed away my work was really dark. At one point he was quite worried about me! I used creativity to come to terms with his death before it happened. I was rather fearful of it. Then after he passed my work was filled with a lightness. I now understand life doesn’t end when we transition from our bodies. We are light.


One of the 5 Reiki principles is BE GRATEFUL. How do you personally live by this principle (and the others)?

The Principles are simple enough that they tend to be overlooked and tossed aside. Their simplicity is deceptive though as they are so profound! The idea is that we use them as a morning and evening ritual, included in our meditation practice so when life presents us with a challenge we meet the challenge with the principles. “Just for today, do not be angry, do not worry, be grateful, work with diligence, and be kind”. I often use them in fragmented chants when I need them – such as “do no be angry, be kind” and “do not worry, be grateful”. They are another opportunity for healing in the system, helping us to rise from duality into a sense of oneness.

Gratitude is a powerful portal into the now – it takes us away from anxiety about the future and reminds us of the abundance surrounding us in the present. My personal gratitude practice is a little witchy ritual at both the new and full moons. I burn some delicious smelling natural incense and write a love letter to the Universe. I begin with “Thank you, Spirit” at the top of the page and I spend some time listing all my blessings. This has become a potent medicine too – it always shifts a bad mood within minutes!


With Reiki, we connect to the universal energy and we can connect with each other and all there is. Do you believe the Maharishi Effect* (explanation also below) is based on this loving energy, that can bring healing to this world and its inhabitants?

Yes! I do believe in the Maharishi Effect – there have been many studies that are absolutely incredible in their findings, so it would be rather hard not to believe 🙂 One that really left a strong impression on me was a study done by the Transcendental Meditation institute in Washington, DC (my hometown) one summer – with 4,000 people meditating in DC, the violent crime rate dropped by 48%! You can read the article here. I feel we are on the edge of a tipping point in the awakening movement, each person that works towards inner peace contributes mightily to the whole, the ripples of our love do contribute to the greater healing. As we find peace, the world finds peace. We are connected.


I totally believe that gratitude is one of the strongest energies out there to help create this peace in the world. I am very very excited that you have created the GRATEFUL HEART MEDITATION for us, so we can all dive deeply into this energy and connect. Please tell us a bit more about it.

This free guided meditation is designed to take you into your heart, filling your entire being with a sense of gratitude. Soft harmonies are played in the background with crystal singing bowls, gently easing you into the present moment and all of its abundant blessings. We are usually so good at noticing what needs fixing, and what I love about fostering a gratitude mindset is that it shifts our perspective to all the rightness in our lives – right now.


What other practices do you have to look after your wellbeing and happiness?

I have three things I do to begin each working day – a walk, journalling, and meditation with reiki. It makes me so content and if I do it first thing (before emails!), I have a very full well on which to draw upon for the whole day. I also love to have evening dance parties with my three year old son, just blasting a pop song and being silly is very joyful! I think it’s also crucial to make time for proper rest and communing with nature.


Last but not least, what are you grateful for?

I am grateful for being alive! I feel very blessed for my little guy, for my husband, for all the loves in my life. I am so grateful to have a comfortable home to live in, and of course for doing work that I love with all my heart. I know how precious all these things are. I’m also grateful for having met you and being in this space 🙂


Thank you so much, Brighitta! I’m so grateful, too, to have met you – and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon when I join the Reiki 2 course 🙂


Visit Brighitta’s website here.




*Maharishi Effect:

Scientific research found that in cities and towns all over the world where as little as one per cent of the population practices the Transcendental Meditation Technique, the trend of rising crime rate is reversed, indicating increasing order and harmony. Research scientists named this phenomenon of rising coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole society the Maharishi Effect.

The Maharishi Effect establishes the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness. Nearly 50 scientific research studies conducted over the past 25 years verify the unique effect and wide-ranging benefits to the nation produced by the Maharishi Effect.

Research shows that the influence of coherence created by the Maharishi Effect can be measured on both national and international levels. Increased coherence within the nation expresses itself in improved national harmony and well-being. In addition, this internal coherence and harmony generates an influence that extends beyond the nation’s borders, expressing itself in improved international relations and reduced international conflicts.

Read more.

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