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This Week I am grateful for my ever-present Purpose

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”
Gautama Buddha

Even Buddha says to find our purpose… (pressured eye roll, oufff)… And yes I agree, however, no-one tells us that we don’t have to look far away or into the distant future to find it. We can find it in each and every moment of our journey through this life. Each NOW is our purpose, we just have to see it. By doing so we bring our whole heart and soul into every single moment of our life.

Like happiness – we search for purpose, we run for it as if it was something that we’ll arrive at in the future… something we need to pursue. This creates such pressure and also frustration if it doesn’t happen quickly enough.


But what if we take the pressure out? 

I believe purpose is always, it is NOW – from the moment you were born, the whole journey of life is purpose. Universe didn’t put you on this planet the way you are if it didn’t think it was purposeful… Universe has had full trust that your soul in this body is full of purpose from the very first breath.

And no, this doesn’t make us passive or lazy, all smug about our own meaningfulness. We can keep creating, learning and growing and be so much more confident and reassured, that each step we take and thing we try has sense. And even when we ‘fail’ or realise it’s not for us, it will teach us something and be a part of our purposeful journey.


Of course we want to achieve something, grow, create, help, learn – and we do, with a quiet confidence instead of a frantic mind set of having to find something. We got it already, every step of the way! If we put our heart and soul into everything we do, there is no other option than to embody purpose. And by being fully present in the Now, we can hear our soul’s calling much clearer guiding us further along on our path.

If your purpose today is to make it out of bed, to go for a walk, or if it’s to start a new travel adventure, kick ass at your job, heal the world, fall in love with yourself or look after your ill parents. Without judgment of big or small. ALL. PURPOSE. 

Each moment is a gift, it’s your WHY! This breath you’re just taking – it’s purpose. And OMG does it feel liberating and reassuring! Make the present moment your friend, your lover. Purpose isn’t a hamster wheel of searching after all… it’s already within us and we simply peel off all the layers of fear and conditioning to set it free.


Just know YOU ARE ENOUGH, always, in every stage of your life. Your meaning is first of all to BE – to BE YOU – and from this peace you can create.


With love and gratitude,



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