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Through Gratitude I find NEWNESS in Everyday Life


I am willing to see things differently.
I am willing to see love.



Hasn’t time flown by since those hot summer days? Are you surprised too how quickly we’re back in the routine of school runs, work and too many things on our to-do lists? Yet wondering how the weeks can just pass without much noticing? 3 months until Christmas, guys!

Yet there are moments when time seems to go so much slower. Remember as a child – a day seemed endless with opportunities and things to discover; a whole summer, WOWWW!!! And do you also feel that a week’s holiday is a lot longer than a normal one with work and chores?


There is fascinating research by Dr. Marc Wittmann about our perception of time. I’m just in the middle of his book ‘Felt Time – The Psychology of how we perceive Time’… and this is what he says:

Three years of childhood mean enormous development and countless learning experiences. Later in adulthood, in contrast, experiences that are really new decrease… Three years of adult life often mean three years of routine. There is no need for the sameness of experience to be given a separate place in memory; in consequence, the subjective duration of periods of life shortens.


In short, we are missing newness, our brains know it alllll by now.

We get used to things so quickly, taking them for granted easily. Hence, i.e. when we travel to new places, experience new food and cultures, our brains go Wooowww again. Our mind becomes so alert again that time seems to be stretching for us to take in everything.

Then, back to our day-to-day adult lives, there aren’t that many new things anymore. So we have to ‘work’ a bit harder to see with fresh eyes, from different perspectives…


When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.

Paul Coelho, The Alchemist



And this is exactly when GRATITUDE becomes a key player for creating more NEWNESS.

We become aware again of all the mindblowing abundance that is around us! We see life freshly; each small thing can become a moment that takes its own proud place in our memories.

By giving our fully-felt gratitude, we see and create joyful, deep, meaningful moments that our brains simply want to weave into new neural structures.

Gratitude also lets us live in the Now – living each moment to the fullest. It can help with anxiety, giving us calm and courage to try new things. And new things mean new memories!

By being mindful and allowing ourselves time for ourselves to calm our mind and connect with our soul, we expand our perception of what IS in the moment.

We can experience such childlike WOOWWW – like: Bloody hell, this is all happening? This abundance is all for me?!

With gratitude our lives become fuller, more delicious and new.


Say it with me:

I’m willing to see through gratitude.

I’m willing to see the gift of each present moment. 

I’m willing to search for the goodness with open eyes. I am curious.

I’m so willing to explore the abundance in my life – always present, just waiting to be seen, felt and lived.

I am thankful for each moment as if I had chosen it.

I’m willing to see things differently. 
I’m willing to see love.



With love and gratitude,




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Image: Jean Jullien

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