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On Moving into Abundance from a Feeling of Lack

A Metaphor.


Hi guys, this letter has been written by a rather sugar-deprived brain, so please forgive any rambles… (and avocados are actually fruits, berries! duh me)! But let me tell you:

Too cut a few years short… I’ve been feeling quite nauseous whenever I eat. Recently it has just gone unbearable and it turns out I have a fructose intolerance. So I have to stop all sugar and carbs for a few weeks to reset my body.

The last week has been interesting… NO POTATOES or BREAD (tell that to a German country girl!), pasta, cake, fruits,… And not even milk products for the first weeks (just certain veg, nuts, fish, oils).

And I’ve realised, when we don’t have what we want or something is taken away from us… we tend to first see the lack! It’s like an automatic response. We’re often not willing to see that it might be the biggest life opener, blessing, teacher and chance for healing and growth.

And ya, it can be challenging (I just went through the Christmas chocolate aisle at Aldi this morning, hello first world problems!)… and all the food that has been sooo normal to eat – total sign of having taken it for granted! But I’m also surprised how much easier than expected it has been to resist. With finally the right motivation and gratitude for my body, I want to nourish it; I want to heal it; I want to say thanks and treat it well for its non-stop commitment – and also for showing me that something has been out of balance.

This situation right now is teaching me again how to appreciate everything I DO have. Even the ‘veg and fish only’ is something that is not a given. There is no point crying for CAKE if all the things that are nourishing for me right now are still available.

As my food ‘limitations’ will hopefully heal me, life will expand with new ideas, energy and health. It is a blessing.


Put the Veg in your Life

Our modern lives are totally built on this feeling of lack. Keeping the cravings alive SELLS. It sells food, clothes, cars, cosmetics, houses… everything! Economy wouldn’t thrive if we were all happy with what we already had! It’s a mind f*** of control.

But if we are not happy with what we have now, there’s no guarantee we’ll be happy when we have more. 

Of course you can buy something you love, crave a new job, invest in a home… but don’t let it come from a mindset of lack… of having to have something to be better, more successful, more accepted… Do it because you know you deserve it. Do it because you know you’d be equally whole without, and yet it’s a new blessing in an already present abundance!

This inner peace and confidence makes us whole. There will always be something that we can’t have right now, but it doesn’t define our happiness (I’d call it inner peace though). Right now, we have and are enough! And with gratitude for our NOW, we have the right mindset for inviting further abundance (not that we craaave it… but some bread would be nice, eh?!). 😀 



T H I S  W E E K

This week re-evaluate the things that you think you’re ‘lacking’ and craving. Analyse them. Why do you want them? Is it perhaps something that brings short-term happiness (excitement?) and then disappears in the cupboard? Or something you think you should be achieving as ‘that’s what we should do in life’? Is that chocolate croissant or the big pasta dish with the belly ache at night really a treat or does it comfort any stress and worries that could be healed differently (not blaming, I know that all too well).

Now think of everything that you DO have – and everything that you have achieved in your life already! Really dig deep! Every little damn thing and step! I’m pretty sure you can be proud and fulfilled. By growing our gratitude for what we already have and are, we get stronger and more confident – and also more calm and less easy to target by ‘you need this’.

Also accept that life is a journey and what you don’t have right now, might easily come tomorrow. We can invite it in by showing our gratitude for what IS; showing universe we can handle abundance well 🙂

Gratitude is key. Gratitude for what we have at this very moment. Gratitude for who we are and how we are perfectly enough, deserving of and already living in abundance right now.


The TGN JOURNAL wants to help you capture all the abundance in your life, so you can see every day how blessed you are!



With love and gratitude,




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