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Embodying Gratitude

Amisha Ghadiali –

It’s the easiest thing in the world to notice what is wrong with a moment. The truth is there is perfection in every single one. When we learn to see and feel this, we become free.

If left completely to its own devices, my mind loves nothing more than thinking about the future and trying to figure out why the past played out the way it did. My mind makes an incredibly fun game of this, a little bit like a secret agent going over every last detail to crack the crime, and then like a fantasy writer telling grand fairy tales of the future. Although this can often seem more appealing than what is happening right now, when I drop all that, and just be in the moment with no expectations, life has a way of being more wonderful than I could have imagined.

This is true gratitude. To accept and honour what is.

When we do this, we connect to the highest within.

We are peaceful, content, awake.


You can read the full feature in This Grateful Now Journal.

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