About This Grateful Now

Gratitude is a key player for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Especially now in a world of constant change and uncertainty, seeing and appreciating the ‘small’ things in life will help you stay calm and balanced. By writing down 3 things a day that you are grateful for, you become aware again of all the goodness that is already there in abundance.

The ‘This Grateful Now’ Journal is thoughtfully designed to give you a daily opportunity to create moments of inner peace and appreciation. Be accompanied by inspiring quotes from health and gratitude experts, writers, philosophers as well as the works of 14 international artists. 5 essays explore the theme of gratitude in health, spirituality and culture.

The blog brings you interviews with thoughtful and compassionate people and earth-aware brands, personal experiences with gratitude, life and mental health. You can also share your own gratitude and read through that of others.

Let’s make this a movement – a chain reaction of gratefulness standing against ever increasing hostility, depression, anxiety, materialism… a universal energy of gratitude!